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Professional Development Workshops for Educators

Resource Services offers a number of professional educator workshops throughout the school year.

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October 26, 2017


Juli Alvarado, MA, LPC
Speaker, Educator, Author, Peace Consultant
Trauma Informed Care

We are pleased to offer this day of professional development featuring Dr. Juli Alvarado. Dr. Alvarado comes to us with 25 years of experience in child welfare and mental health from the top down.

Through Emotional Regulatory Healing©, she combines the latest research in neuroscientific findings with ancient healing methods and teaches powerful parenting, therapeutic, educational and organizational paradigms that are transforming individuals, families, schools and entire agencies.

Juli brings the highest keynote, lecture and consultation reviews from around the globe. Motivationally charged and energetic workshops keep participants coming back time after time!

Ms. Alvarado has provided treatment foster care for severely wounded children for 15 years. She is a therapist and consultant well known internationally as an expert in trauma, loss and attachment. Juli has served on the boards and as the executive director for several child welfare agencies and is the founder and Sr. Clinical Consultant of Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group, an organizational consulting business in Denver, Colorado.

Agenda: Our final agenda has not yet been fully confirmed.

  • The New Neuroscience
  • Mind/body/spirit healing
  • Brain based strategies for change
  • Self-regulation leads to regulation of "our" children
  • Clinical and parenting applications


  • Summarize how trauma impacts and can direct the treatment of negative behaviors
  • Describe the influence of the brain on behaviors
  • Integrate the mind/body/spirit in a trauma informed healing paradigm
  • Utilize brain based strategies that activate internal healing systems
  • Create an outline of the new paradigm that you will take back to your agency
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