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Consultation and Program Design Services

The Resource Services – Outreach Programs offer consultation on a variety of topics and for a range of purposes including:

  • Designing instructional programs for students attending programs in District School Boards.
  • AT/AD
  • Student assessment strategies
  • Conducting workshops
  • Providing assistance to classroom teachers and educational assistants

Upon request, consultants are available to visit District School Boards within Ontario. While visiting a school, consultants may see individual students, consult with staff and/or provide workshops and in-service programs. A referral process is in place for individual students to be seen by resource consultants.

Student focused consultations:

In order to access consultative services for specific students the following information is typically requested:

  • Referral form signed by parent/guardian
  • Release of Information form for permission for receipt and release of information
  • Diagnostic information
  • Medical report providing the specific diagnosis
  • Individual Education Plans
  • Any other reports considered pertinent

Consultants typically will spend from one-half to one full day in the classroom. A brief meeting between the teacher and the consultant prior to student observation will provide the consultant with information of the teachers' concerns. It is typical for consultants to:

  • Gather and collect data while observing the student
  • Observe and record the student’s interactions with peers and staff
  • Withdraw the student from the classroom

Following the visit a summary report is written. Consultants are available to attend team meetings in order to share recommendations and observations.

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