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Early Intervention Pre-school Homevisiting Program

The Pre-school Homevisiting Program is an early intervention family-centred model which facilitates the development of children who are deafblind or Deaf/hard of hearing.  Programs are delivered by specialist teachers who are registered with the College of Teachers; are fully certified to teach in Ontario schools AND, have a specialist in deaf or deaf/blind education with additional training in early intervention methodologies.  Participation in the Pre-school Homevisiting Program facilitates access to other services offered by Provincial Schools such as speech and language consultation services, psychological consultation services, ASL family consultant program and other parent focused learning opportunities.

Accessing the Early Intervention Pre-school Homevisiting Program

Referrals to our Homevisiting Program are typically made via the Infant Hearing Program (IHP) through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS).  Our Homevisiting Program is governed by the Ministry of Education through the Provincial Schools Branch.   Direct referrals from parents, audiologists, physicians and other educators are also common.

Program Beliefs:

We believe that effective programming respects the cultural and linguistic diversity of all families.  It is important to us that parents and teachers share and plan together, along with community service partners to ensure success for each child and family. 

We ask parents and guardians to work together with us to provide constructive and consistent learning experiences designed to build each child’s confidence and to encourage them to see learning as both enjoyable and useful and to provide a strong foundation for their future intellectual, social and emotional development. 

While on our program, families generally receive service for up to 3 years or until their child enters school or until their child reaches age appropriate language levels (whichever comes first). 

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