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Professional Development Workshops for Educators

Many workshops can be offered on an alternate date for groups of 4 or more. Please contact or with these requests.

The following workshops are open to teachers, school/board consultants, board coordinators and school/board administrators:


Outreach Information
Location(s), date(s), timing and cost determined upon request (min. 4 people)

On-Site Information:
350 Dundas Street West
Belleville, Ontario
9:30am - 2:30am *includes lunch

Host Your Own Learning (upon request)

Choose or design a workshop or select a combination of shortened workshops to meet the needs of your professional learning group (4 or more people) at your location or on-site.

Email or to schedule.

Support Your Own Learning (upon request)

Acquire the basic skills and knowledge necessary to effectively implement the use of voicetotext, texttospeech and other assistive technology tools to support students with a personalized handson tutorial.

Email to schedule.

Visiting Teacher Program as requested (free)

Spend a day teaching and learning from students with severe learning disabilities in reading.

Email or for more information.


Developing Conceptual Understanding in Math (Cancelled)

Tuesday April 11 from 9:30am - 2:30pm

Cost: $35

Too often the focus in math involves students trying to memorize procedures they don't understand. Research has shown the benefits of students first learning concepts using manipulatives, graphic organizers, technology and uncovering concepts through investigation. These techniques especially help students with Learning Disabilities who often have memory problems, but are good for all.

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Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities (Cancelled)

Tuesday May 9 from 9:30am - 2:30pm

Cost: $35

Educational Assistants and supporting staff members are integral to the success of students with learning disabilities. In this workshop, Educational Assistants and Child and Youth Workers will get an indepth look at the Learning Disability student profile and learn strategies to assist student learning, foster social skills and enhance life skills using technology.

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iDevices as Assistive Tools & AppBonanza (Cancelled)

Tuesday May 16 from 9:30am - 2:30pm

Cost: $35

Learn effective ways to use iDevices in the classroom as assistive tools with Sagonaska student examples and participation, with a strong emphasis on a variety of apps that are useful for students with LD. Foundational knowledge of iDevices is necessary for this workshop.

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Google in the Classroom

Tuesday May 23 from 9:30am - 2:30pm

Cost: $35

Learn practical and innovative ways to use Google Read & Write, Google Chrome, Google Classroom and Google Apps in your classroom and with your students.


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Sagonaska Experience Day

Tuesday May 30 from 10am - 12pm

Cost: Free

An overview of our student profile, available services and application process with a tour of the school and residential facilities.


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Radiant Child Yoga Level 1-2 Certification (Cancelled)

Sat. & Sun. June 3 & 4 from 7:30am - 5:30pm

Cost: $550

An innovative 20hour training program designed for professionals who work with children. It provides selfcalming and empowering techniques for children of all ages and abilities. Includes inclass practice and over $225 worth of take home resources. Register at ($50 fee applies to all cancellations)

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21st Century Teaching and Learning

Wednesday June 7 from 9:30am - 2:30pm

Cost: $35

Learn how Sagonaska utilizes technology such as: 3D Printer, Raspberry Pi Processors, Minecraft and a MakerSpace to enhance student learning. Get handson experience with this technology and see how it’s being used with student examples and participation!


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Understanding the LD Learner & Language Instructional Strategies (Cancelled)

Tuesday June 13 from 9:30am - 2:30pm

Cost: $35

An indepth look at the Learning Disability student profile and learn strategies for teaching reading to students with LD. Topics include: reading strategies, fluency instruction and feedback, and metacognition.

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Modern Day Fluency: Using Data to Develop High-Yield Strategies and Metacognition

Friday June 16 from 9:30am - 2:30pm

Cost: $35

Fluent readers are more likely to make meaning from texts. This workshop focuses on specific teaching strategies that highlight the metacognitive piece of fluency. Learn how to train students to identify their strengths, next steps and how to create a specific plan of action which enables them to take control of their own learning. By “making thinking visible” and allowing opportunities for authentic practise and feedback, confidence and risktaking naturally emerge.


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Workshop Sampler (Cancelled)

Tuesday June 20 from 9:30am - 2:30pm

Cost: (on-site price $40)

Sample three of our different workshops in one day! Session includes: an overview of LD Instructional Strategies and iDevices/AppBonanza and a condensed campus tour.

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